Dalziel is a trusted wholesale supplier of timothy and mixed hay to international and local markets.  We are located in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Central Alberta in the heartland of dryland hay production for Western Canada.

Our Clients

We supply some of North America's premier horse boarding facilities and stables.

Quality Matters

When you love your animals, you want the best feed for them.  You can trust us to ensure the best quality of your hay.

Quality control is an essential aspect of hay sales, especially when it comes to providing the best quality hay to customers. Ensuring that the hay is free from impurities, mold, and other contaminants is crucial to maintaining high-quality standards.  By implementing rigorous quality control measures, Dalziel provides customers with the best quality hay that meets their specific needs. This not only promotes customer satisfaction but also helps to maintain a positive reputation in the industry.

What Else We Do

We also feed our products to our Bison herd.

Our family-run business also operates a Bison Ranch so we know the importance of quality feed.  If you're in Alberta and looking for a place to find delicious and nutritious Bison meat, please click on the image.