We offer three primary package types

Compressed hay Bundles 

24 bale or 18 bale bundles

Our compressed hay bales are conveniently wrapped in bundles of 18 or 24.  The bales weigh ~ 45 lbs each and are stretch wrapped to make storage, loading and transport clean and easy.  The bundles can be transported in a sea can, dry van, flat deck trailer or in the bed of a pickup truck.

Small Square 2-tie bales

18 bale minimum

We ship traditional 2-tie small square bales of timothy and mixed hay.  We ship by the container, dry van, semi load, retriever truck or we can load your trailer with accumulator lifts of 18 bales.

Big Square Bales 3'x4'x8'

Please contact for information

Big Square Bales are typically feedstock for our compressed hay bundles but from time to time, we do provide big squares to our customers.  Please contact us for information and availability.

Hay Types and Grades

Below are just a few of the different hay blends that we offer.  Please contact us to check on current stock and availability.


We work with a number of freight providers and can deliver by road, rail or sea depending on your location.  Please contact us with you location so we can determine the best and most economical way to provide delivery.